Rishi Kapoor Vs Dita Von Teese

Some of the contents below are slightly NSFW

Rishi Kapoor in Chintu Ji Vs Dita Von Teese’s Trademark act.  Well Tried!

Claim to Fame of Dita Von Teese : Marilyn Manson’s exgirlfriendShe has contributed a lot to “revive the dying art form of burlesque”

From the Wikipedia Article on Dita Von Teese :

” Cameron Diaz performed a tribute to Von Teese’s martini glass routine in the film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Von Teese’s name appears in the credits, listed under “Special Thanks.” It is rumored that this was only added after Dita threatened to sue the film makers for stealing her idea.”

IMDB confirms the Thanks bit

Dita’s Official Website says:  (WARNING: LINKS ARE VERY NSFW)

” Dita’s signature martini glass act is vintage pinup art come to life! After an utterly dreamy striptease, Dita bathes in the giant glass with an olive sponge! You may have seen Cameron Diaz’s tribute to Dita’s act in the film Charlie’s Angels 2 “


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