Plagiarism in Forthcoming Movies – 3 – Veer(?!)

Poster design in Bollywood is getting slicker .

For the rustics, there is always a primer on  how to create banal posters – whether it is for a political party or for a movie.

Then, there is the standardised poster version of the Four Step Plan. Lift  Karadey!

Some original creations exist; Interesting perspectives &  colourscapes used. You can see hints of “borrowing”, but overall, as the Fab 4 would have put it, it is getting better All the time.

The next 3 posts have 3 movies which have various degrees of inspiration.

Veer – This  is Salman’s Magnum Opus.
I can see bits & pieces of Magadheera ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ).
The 2 horses which Maximus mentions in Gladiator are visible on the breast-plate (The in-joke was that the horses were Scarto & Argento – which translates to Trigger & Silver – Roy Roger & Lone Ranger’s horses).
There is also a bit of Troy in the posters.
See for yourself.

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