What’s with this Poster thing you’ve got?

I had someone asking me the question a few days ago.

I recounted the story and I thought it would be nice to post the tale.

I also Quiz and am a member of the Quiz Foundation of India. In one of the quizzes, Vinod Ganesh a.k.a Mensa asked a stunner which was around the inspiration for the Poster of Brokeback Mountain

I was stumped and really enjoyed the question. That set me off on a movie poster inspirations trip for quite sometime – I  discovered cool sources online like IMPAwards, MonkeyArtAwards and Orkaan . Somewhere along the way, I started off this blog after 2 failed attempts on creating or curating content online ( Intentionally Left Blank & Worst Videos Ever).

Then in 2009, I stumbled upon a brilliant blog run by Babu Kuriakose which somewhere got me wanting to do a little more. Babu’s blog had a lot of content which I liked and I realised while running through his blog that he worked right opposite my office. I reached out to him and we started catching up at the mobile tea shop (read pushcart) outside our offices. The period between Oct 2009 and May 2010 was full of brilliant discussions on Beatles, Movies, Music and obviously Movie Posters. It was almost like we were trying to inspire one another to make more connections on inspired posters. See more of Babu’s brilliance. Babu sadly is not blogging any more. I blog very infrequently. But, am inspired from time to time – a post or two happen – then – silence.

Why do I look at posters?

If I look at visual art in its current form, video is complicated and is transient – in terms of how long it physically is available & in vogue. Paintings by contemporary artists are devoid of detail and embellishment – atleast, they miss the simple things I like in paintings. Movie posters and in their crunched down avatar – DVD covers – are ubiquitous. Once I started digging, I found many similarities between Movie posters & Paintings – Posters feeding off paintings more than the reverse flow. My interest in Renaissance art & movies in general helped connect the dots.




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