Marching Ants – Allah Ke Banday, City of Gold & other Bollywood Posters

The creative agency has figured out a way to make the poster look good – sprinkle some gold dust and get the sun behind the subject. Voilà – Classy looking poster. But, when you do it too many times, it is called overkill.

Marching Ants have created some of my all time favourite Bollywood posters – Be it Ishqiya, Dev D, Help, LSD, Udaan, Blue Umbrella or Udaan (again).

At the same time, they have done enough shameless rip-offs

Kisna (From Braveheart),

Lakshya (Shadow Concept from Mad Magazine & Some Posters),

Johnny Gaddar (From Big Lebowski and countless posters featuring sunglasses with reflective surfaces,

Johnny Gaddar (Again) (From countless “Running Man” posters)

Once upon a time in Mumbai from Mr & Mrs Smith,

Anjaana Anjaani (From An Education) and even their old posters like Ek Hasina Thi,Vaastu Shaastra & Goal were lifted .

Take a look at their creations and you will see both the Genius & the Copycat there. Sad that a talented agency has to resort to pinching others’ work.

Now for the Overkill bit…


Piet Mondrian and Tyler Perry

Strikingly Similar. Piet Mondrian’s Composition 2 in Red, Blue & Yellow and Tyler Perry’s latest.

Inspired  Maybe; Lifted – Surely not!

Plagiarism in Forthcoming Movies – 7 – Yuvan Yuvathi and Rene Magritte

After a lot of Bollywood-bashing, here’s a Tamil movie which is one of the most shameless rips I have seen so far.

Rene Magritte’s classic painting The Lovers (Les Amants) has been used as the poster announcing shooting. Lots of movies have used paintings as inspiration. But, this one just “uses” the painting.

I do hope someone taking the movie pays up the royalty to use this painting.

See for yourself:

Magritte’s Lovers  series consists of 4 paintings.

There are also the 4 Covered Heads (which includes the 2 paintings in the Lovers series)

L’histoire centrale (The central story)

L’invention de la vie (The Invention of Life)

As usual, the meaning of the paintings remain shrouded in mystery. Theories range from Fantomas to his mother’s suicide , Love is Blind all the way down to Nick Carter Detective magazines.

One more post on Magritte & Movie Posters / Album art will follow.

Tamil Padam – Posters are very funny

You normally see a few jokes here and there in Tamil movies.
A reasonably intelligent movie like Chennai 600028 trips on Chandramukhi

Venkat Prabhu’s own Saroja trips on Chennai 28

Thalaivar Rajini’s Sivaji tripped on so many movies – TamilTelugu (a la Om Shanthi Om’s intelligent spoofs)

But, this movie, as described by the director is possibly Kollywood’s answer to Scary Movie, Hot Shots & Naked Gun.

Says Dhayanidhi, “Tamil Padam is the first ever full length spoof film in Tamil. The story is a humorous take on the predictable Tamil formula films.”

CS Amudham the director of the film says: “ In Hollywood the spoof is a popular genre and there has been films like ‘Scary Movie’ a spoof on horror films. Similarly we are spoofing the Tamil mass film. You will laugh your guts out. In short it’s celebration of Tamil cinema.”


Everything I have seen and heard so far is mega-spoofy. The director, C S Amudhan has an ad agency called Winds of Change which does Outdoor (Hoardings, Banners, etc). Pulli Raja, Prime Roaster and those atrocious Fitness One ads were all his creations… So, it figures.

Take the Soundtrack. The song “O Maha Zeeya” is one great spoof of all the nonsense which goes on in the name of lyrics in a lot of Harris Jeyaraj songs… The title refers to the gibberish heard at the start of “Uyirin Uyire” in Kaakka Kaakka

Spoofs in the O Maha zeeya song (or This)
Uyirin Uyire– Kaakka Kaakka
Hasili Fisili – Aadhavan
Randakka – Anniyan
Naakka Mukka – Kaadhalil Vizhundhen
Dailamo Dailamo – Dishum Dishum
Balailaka – Sivaji
Ohi lohi mahi lohi ya – Beema
Osaka Muraiya – Alli Arjuna (Rahman’s One 2 ka 4)
Shakalakka – Mudhalvan
Ullahi ullahi – Lesa Lesa

And the best one .. Laalaakku Dol Dappimma – Suriyan

Spoofs in the Trailer (or This )
Absurd Action packed Vijay Intro Sequences (Camera from Top in this case)
Dasavatharam (The US President and all)
Nayagan (Inime appadithaan with Nayagan theme in the background)
Boys (4 pairs of legs dangling from a wall)
Sivaji (2 hand signing)
Simbhu (Style)
Billa (cooling glass scene)
Run (subway sequence)
Kaaka Kaaka (aerial shot)
And the coolest : The town is called Cinema Patti… How cool is that!!

Spoofs in Movie Stills

In addition to the movies mentioned above,

Roja (The couple inside the same sweater)
Annamalai (The brown suit and low camera angles)
Uyire (The mail poster)
Sathya (The hospital sequence)
Baba (trips on the Baba mudra)

Poster Spoofs
Ramki’s Dafli Song in Senthoora Poove (ImageVideo) and the Poster (The exact frame appears exactly 60 seconds into the video)

Singaravelan’s Pudhu Cheri Kacheri (ImageVideo) and the Poster (Note the tongue in cheek ad)

Enga Ooru Paattukaaran’s Senbagame (ImageVideo) and the Poster . (Ramarajan is just awesome fun as he is trying to sing  when he is busy milking the cow (See this to believe it) . Shanthipriya coyly watches the sequence (Guffaw!)

Rajini’s Konji Konji from Veera and (ImageVideo) and Poster

Thillana Mohanambal (Image 1,Image 2 ) and Poster with M.S Bhaskar playing Balaiyya’s Thavil Vidhvan’s role

Pre-Release Concept Posters

The first one which came out talked about the movie not being a “Different one”

One more poster of the movie takes Gap10’s trip by using the MS font Jokerman (LOL) and says a sorry before that by asking for the only word in tamil which Gap10 does not like

Another poster spoofs the typical rape scene in tamil movies by showing a male hand forcing a female hand in front of a painting showing a tiger slaying a deer

One is a preachy Gap10 kind of dialogue referencing Gandhiji, etc and at the same time referring to tons of Punch Dialogues

One features the 10 commandments of Tamil cinema (Commandment 9 is Thou Shall single-handedly take on & eradicate all the evil in the world and commandment 10 is Thou shall have a six-pack) … There are some really nice differences between the TamilEnglish versions.

Enjoy all the posters at one place!

Art and Movie Posters –IV–Michelangelo Buonarroti

1. Creation of Adam Vs E.T & Bruce Almighty

Some Trivia on the E.T poster:  This poster idea had been suggested by Steven Spielberg and who was inspired by Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. John Alvin, who can be called one of the Greatest Movie Poster Artists, used his daughter, Farah Alvin, as the human hand model.

You can also see a few other “inspired images”.

2. Moses Vs Ten Commandments

This is not so much of an “inspiration”… But, IMDB states

“Charlton Heston was chosen for the role of Moses by Cecil B. DeMille because he bore a resemblance to Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in Rome.”

I have seen some movie poster resembling La Pieta, but am not able to recollect it.

Art and Movie Posters – III – Andy Warhol

You either love him! Or absolutely hate him!

Whichever way, there is no denying that Warhol made the 60’s more memorable (or notorious if you please).

1. The Movie Poster for I Shot Andy Warhol is based on his Triple Elvis.

2. His Marilyn Silk-Screen prints have been repeated multiple times : For the Movies Kids (Rosario Dawson’s Big Screen debut), Tyler Perry’s Madeas Family Reunion and for 2 movies about him – Superstar & Factory Girl

Update : I had not noticed the album art of Sivaji The Boss. Hat Tip: Mensa & Badri

Art and Movie Posters – II – Grant Wood

Grant wood is one of the forces responsible for shaping many minds on what they imagined to be the rural Midwest. He is the equivalent of a One Hit Wonder in Pop – A creation so seminal that all his other works pale in front of it. If you don’t buy the argument, try thinking of the other Vanilla Ice number. Nuf said.

American Gothic is an Iconic American image.

Many have ripped off / paid homage to this image

1. The Movie Poster for American Gothic – A slasher flick

2. Mike Judge for one of his Beavis & Butthead DVD covers

3. The Tim Allen movie For Richer or Poorer

4. The Whoopi Goldberg movie Good Fences

5. Paris Hilton for The Simple Life (Season 1)

6. Paul Newman for the covers of Newman’s Own

7. The Pauly Shore movie Son In Law (Thanks Katrina for the heads up)