Some South Indian Rip-offs

1. Twenty-20 Vs I Am Legend (Look at the Background; What is Brooklyn Bridge doing in a Malayalam Poster)

2. Asal Vs Dark Knight (Look at the Background)

3. Poo Vs Siva Manasula Sakthi Vs A Lot Like Love – All of them are Inspired by the Let it Be album Cover

4. Billa Vs Angels & Demons (The Book) (The Ambigram Funda)

Hat Tip: Various Forums and Bloggers for 1 & 2; Babu Kuriakose for 3

Babu Kuriakose spotted an interesting font rip-offs (1,2) also in Indian movies (Tamil Movies)
More here

(Babu Kuriakose spotted interesting font rip-offs (1,2) in South Indian movies. More here)