Art and Movie Posters – II – Grant Wood

Grant wood is one of the forces responsible for shaping many minds on what they imagined to be the rural Midwest. He is the equivalent of a One Hit Wonder in Pop – A creation so seminal that all his other works pale in front of it. If you don’t buy the argument, try thinking of the other Vanilla Ice number. Nuf said.

American Gothic is an Iconic American image.

Many have ripped off / paid homage to this image

1. The Movie Poster for American Gothic – A slasher flick

2. Mike Judge for one of his Beavis & Butthead DVD covers

3. The Tim Allen movie For Richer or Poorer

4. The Whoopi Goldberg movie Good Fences

5. Paris Hilton for The Simple Life (Season 1)

6. Paul Newman for the covers of Newman’s Own

7. The Pauly Shore movie Son In Law (Thanks Katrina for the heads up)