Absolute Ripoff – 24 Hrs (Malayalam Movie)

I have blogged about poster plagiarism classics like Nayee Padosan, Runway,  Red Alert,  Click & Flat where there are multiple ripoffs.This one absolutely rocks.

The font used for the Titles are from 24. What’s even cooler is the abandoned Season-1 font has also been used.

The movie is an “experimental” one which was shot in 24 hours. Guess the posters were also made in the same time given the lifts.


Some South Indian Rip-offs

1. Twenty-20 Vs I Am Legend (Look at the Background; What is Brooklyn Bridge doing in a Malayalam Poster)

2. Asal Vs Dark Knight (Look at the Background)

3. Poo Vs Siva Manasula Sakthi Vs A Lot Like Love – All of them are Inspired by the Let it Be album Cover

4. Billa Vs Angels & Demons (The Book) (The Ambigram Funda)

Hat Tip: Various Forums and Bloggers for 1 & 2; Babu Kuriakose for 3

Babu Kuriakose spotted an interesting font rip-offs (1,2) also in Indian movies (Tamil Movies)
More here

(Babu Kuriakose spotted interesting font rip-offs (1,2) in South Indian movies. More here)